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Our Top plumbing tips (these could save you a fortune)

  • Know where your stop tap is – Take 5 minutes to find it before you need it and check it works. It may save a lot of problems later. While you’re at it, knowing where your main electricity and gas isolation points are is important to.
  • Isolate your outside tap in cold weather – we lose count of the number of outside tap bursts we fix especially in January and February. Because they are exposed to the elements they can freeze and burst. So once you have finished using it for the winter isolate it from the inside by closing the stop tap / isolation valve leading to it and then open the outside tap, this gives the expanding water somewhere to go. If you don’t have an isolating valve fitted inside, don’t worry, we can fit one for you.
  • Central heating pumps – if you have to drain down your central heating system and you have a pump (circulator), then don’t forget to turn it off. If you let it run ‘dry’ then you could well have to add the cost of replacing it to the bill when the plumber arrives!

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