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  • Frost settings – if you’re going away for any period of time don’t forget to turn the thermostatic valves on your radiators to the frost setting (normally shown by a _ symbol). This allows water circulation to continue and stops freezing. If you’re interested in fitting thermostatic valves to your radiators why not take advantage of our free quotation service, the benefits of having them include saving money on your energy bill and helping the environment!
  • Filling loops on ‘combi’ boilers – Physically disconnect the filling loop on your combination boiler when it isn’t being used. This stops any possibility of back flow from your central heating system to your potable water (the stuff you may drink). It’s unlikely to happen but its good practice.
  • Showers – Buy the best shower you can afford as it will pay you back in the long run. Better showers will normally have longer guarantees which most shower manufactures are very good at honouring. Parts for showers aren’t cheap so the longer they are covered the better. If you’re thinking of installing a shower or just replacing your current one, have a chat with us first as not all showers will be appropriate for your system especially if you have a ‘combi’ boiler.

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