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  • Overflowing Toilets – toilets that are constantly overflowing either into the pan or through an overflow pipe need looking at. They may be little more than an inconvenience that can be put off, but the amount of water they waste even in a short space of time is huge. The same applies to dripping taps, they are normally relatively cheap and easy to fix. Water wastage is a huge problem in the UK and if you have a water meter there is an additional incentive to get it looked at.
  • Power Flush – Over time central heating systems build up black sludge in the radiators and pipe work. The result of this is a loss of efficiency, the system takes ages to heat up and cold spots on radiators appear. By power flushing your central heating system we can have it working like new in less than a day, yet many people live with an increasingly ineffective system for years. If you are replacing your boiler it is essential to power flush your system at this time otherwise as soon as the new boiler is turned on all the sludge in the system will be dragged through the boiler, ruining it within weeks.


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